Tobi from Son on the Floor

Shit, what a year thus far. 

I am proud to announce my newest long-play album titled Son on the Floor will be released on my independent label Sona Baby Records on August 21. 

Tobi, the first single off the album is released today as well. You can download it when you pre-order the LP on Bandcamp, or feel free to stream/buy it on SoundCloud or enjoy on YouTube. 

LEWIS | Son on the Floor | Bandcamp
LEWIS | Tobi | Bandcamp
LEWIS | Tobi | SoundCloud
LEWIS | Tobi | YouTube

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Hello 2020,

Paul Fig and I have completed the new LEWIS LP titled Son on the Floor. Here are a few shots taken by Andrew Stuart during the recording of the album.

Some of my closest friends and confidants helped make this record-- Frank Figueroa, Bryan Swarthout, Brian Duke and Sam West were the supporting musicians.

More to report soon.


Photography by Andrew Stuart.

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Zandom Podcast

On this episode of the Zandom Podcast, Chris recalls past band stories involving touring with Blink-182, signing a record label with Travis Barker, being on an episode of The Osbournes, along with playing on Vans Warped tours, and Cochella; His run in with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, along with idolizing the late Kurt Cobain.

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